Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Still working!!!!

We have been very busy the past few weekends.My husband and I installed the walls in the basement bathroom.We both work during the weekend so we did most of our work when we were finished and then on Mondays and Tuesdays(his days off).He hurt his ribs when he fell off a small motorcycle two weekends ago so I have helped a little more than usual!!!! Today I opened up a basement window that was nailed shut (w/ plywood and covered over by some funky fake stone insulation.) It was a pain to do but now that we are working in the basement I need to see!!! It was so dark down there!!!! The spot where the window is , will become a hang out room/playroom. Since I can't find my camera at the moment I can't show any pictures !!! I will post when I find it.


The Vintage Kitten said...

How I hated the weekend work when we did our house, it never seemed to end. A 7 day week isnt easy. Our house is tiny compared to yours so it must be very tiring for you both. Looking forward to the pictures. A basement with a pool table would be Mr Kittens dream, Mandy X

goddessof4 said...

Hi Mandy,our house is a never ending project!!!! But I have to say all the improvements make this feel like it is our own unique home!!!!! Our basement has a very low ceiling so hopefully we can make it a functional space.