Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Living in a 113 year old house

One of the many things I have learned from living in an old old house is patience!!!!!! We live in a society that wants everything NOW ,but the reality is some things take time. I have grown as a person in that regard. I am the first to admit I would like things finished faster in this house but sometimes the funds are not available.I have a half painted front porch (need to buy more paint) and as much as it drives me crazy to see it when I walk out my front door , I take a deep breath and say to myself ALL IS WELL IN MY WORLD!!!! I know it will get done before it is too cold to sit out there.There is satisfaction when a project or goal is accomplished little or big. I LOVE scratching things off my list as projects are completed!!!!! We had been talking about adding driveway gates for a few years now and the end is in sight!!!! We have all the material, now we just need the time to complete!!!! I remind myself daily that I am living one of my dreams (living near the lake in a victorian house!!!!(No,it's not the Queen Ann Victorian with the wrap around porch but I know one day we will be living in one!!!!!)


Kim said...

Yes, you'll get there, for sure! Can't wait to see the porch when it's done!

goddessof4 said...


Lisa @ Shine Your Light said...

I totally know what you mean about finding patience. But the one good thing about waiting to get something done is that when it finally happens you can really appreciate it! (Kind of like the cars being sold!) I love the red you're going with on the front porch - it looks so pretty already! I remind myself all the time to enjoy the journey, not just race to reach the destination.

goddessof4 said...

Lisa, that is so true!!! i am going to enjoy the ride!!!! Sara