Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Julian's 10th Birthday!!!!

This Monday was my sweet Julian's birthday!!!!! He turned 10.My sweet boy had the best birthday ever!!!! We celebrated at home and then we went to dinner at a place of his choice.He picked Rocky Roccos. After dinner we picked up ice-cream from Ben and Jerry's to have with his cake at home. Big sister Paloma came over with her fiancé Jake to have cake and ice cream.He had the biggest smile on his face all day !!!! He especially loved the "Happy Birthday" phone calls from all the family.

We are so blessed to have Julian in our family!!!! He is so bright but most important he has such a gentle loving soul!!!! Happy Birthday Julian!!!!!!


Jennifer said...

Awww! Julian is adorable! I am thrilled he had such a great birthday with all of his family around. Double digits now, he's almost a teen! Sorry, I'm just bugging you ;) Hopefully he'll stay a Mama's boy, that way he'll always be 10 years old forever, at least when he's with you. And I can tell he's a really cool kid, he has Sonic on his shirt! :) I love Sonic.. :P

Anonymous said...

happy birthday handsome julian!! what a cool age! my boy is 10 too! :-)

goddessof4 said...

Thank you for the sweet comments!!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh, and hello goddess sara, i've finally announced my 5 picks for the liebster blog award, one of them is yours! :-)

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Happy Birthday Julian, You sure are a handsome guy!