Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

21 Day meditation

My laptop crashed and I am waiting to find a replacement.It is one of those situations where I have to pay money for it to get fixed but I have an old model so it might not be worth it.I still hope we can fix it ,I love my laptop. So all my photos are on it and I have everything synched to the laptop. Why do things break when money is tight? I won't get started about our dryer dieing too!!!!! It is lovely to go and dry clothes at the laundromaut!!!! A client told hubby and I about Deepak Choprah's 21 day Abundance meditation that is on line.You go to the Deepak Choprah website and sign up ,it is free and then you click on the meditation for the day. It really has helped me feel better about my situation after I have meditated.On the plus side I am seeing little and big blessings for our family.I am going to start doing the meditation with the boys since it is really short and I think it would help us to start our homeschool day on a positive note!!!! So here goes to positive living!!!!!!! Have a great day!!!!


Jennifer said...

Oh no! I do hope everything works out because I enjoy your blogposts so much! I've had that issue as well with laptops crashing in recent history. Darn computers, too unreliable.

goddessof4 said...

Yeah , i am hoping to get it fixed after xmas!!! Im writing from my ipad and it is alot harder since im not used to it.