Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Monday, January 12, 2015

New Year 2015!!

Happy New Year!!Although it is January 12 already lol!!! I am ready to write my new goals for the year!!! I just started working out again but I need to commit to 3 days a week. I will go to Zumba on Monday nights,possibly Wednesday mornings and one day at a different gym with hubby. I usually will go on the treadmill or elliptical,maybe some weight machines(at hubby's gym). I also would love to do some Yoga and Pilates at home when I can't get to a class. As for diet,I really feel my body does best on a low carb, protein based diet.I wouldn't say high protein but balanced low carb.The challenge for me is that my husband does love more carb style food,so the challenge will be to really think about what I order when I am out on a date night or saying NO to the kids for a fast food run. Today I woke up and made a protein shake that was delicious. I used almond milk,chocolate protein powder , ground chia and flax seed and a tiny bit of frozen strawberries and banana. I probably should switch the fruit to blueberry to make it more low carb but I am taking baby steps.I usually get over strict with myself and then will basically go back to eating crappy:( Also if the scale moves up instead of down from muscle gain I freak out!! All this is crazy but real.I really want to be easier on myself since for my age. I know I look pretty good but I always want to be better. My birthday is next month and I want to look GREAT for that so that is my mission :). I just thought about it ,I will allow a cheat day once a week!!! I also want to organize my house .I really want to be a neat and tidy as Martha Stewart,lol. Living with all boys that is a struggle ( even my boy dogs are messy)! Along with my fitness goals ,I want to learn to cook low protein meals that are delicious!!!That one would really impress hubby. Last year I started wearing more makeup and I want to carry that into this year.I want to dress up at least on the weekends but look nice even when I am home. For house goals,I want to repaint the kitchen (same color) and freshen up the rooms on the first floor,repaint my room and maybe even add some cool wallpaper to a tiny section of the room. In the spring we need to finish the outside of the pantry and maybe start working on the garage ,oh yeah add a new fence to the back of our yard.Me and the boys tore it down about 2 summers ago ( there is still a chain link fence up) but I need privacy .I noticed I haven't wanted to be in the yard because I dislike seeing the neighbors behind us.We may add another bathroom to our main level.I really hate when we have clients or guests over and they have to go upstairs and use the bathroom.we finally worked out a plan where it would go on the main floor.The bathroom would be the main project of this year. It would be a game changer. EDIT: My hubby informed me that I AM the carb lover!!!! Not him:) LOL!!!


Jennifer said...

I am so with you on the fitness goals. Women tend to retain water in their muscles like crazy when they start working out, so even if you look slimmer it will cause the scale not to budge. I had a rough first week in, I busted my butt and lost not a pound. My mom lost 7.5! Ugh! Let's help keep each other motivated!

goddessof4 said...

Yes!!!! I will post updates !! I worked out two days in a row ,I usually work out Mondays,Wedsnesday and maybe Sat. But a new Zumba toning class started on Tuesday nights so I went tonight.I really liked it!! Off to a great start,lol!!