Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I got my sparkly chandeliers that I have been waiting for!!!! I am so excited about them!!!!! They look exactly how I envisioned them in my kitchen.Trent(hubby) put them up for me and they definitely sparkle!!!! Here are a few pictures.


Smalltown RN said...

OH I can remember my parents Chandelier in the diningroom it was lovely when it was sparkled and I loved how the the caught it and made rainbows on the walls....but I have to admit...being one of the children who was responsible for cleaning that chandelier...I hated it!!!

It's funny how you mentioned the clothes line on my mom use to put clothes out on the line...when i moved where i am of the first things i got was a clothes line...and then hubby made me one for my laundry room....I just love it..stiff clothes and all....thanks so much for visiting my blog...I hope you come back again sometime soon...cheers!

Kasey said...

oh, looks so pretty! and i love a pretty chandie!
{yes, i did know you have a lola...

goddessof4 said...

Smalltown RN -I think if I had an outside clothesline I would like that but unfortunately I don't have a yard big enough!!! I do like the smell of laundry dried outside I might have to put alot of fabric softener so the clothes are not stiff!!!! I also know what you mean about dusting,unfortunately this house collects alot of dust so we'll see how that goes!!! LOL!!!!

Kasey-I am addicted to chandeliers!!!!!