Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Friday, December 23, 2011

Vintage santa collection

I have been collecting Santa Clause figures for a while now. I especially like the vintage Santas.Some have glitter on them ,some are made out of wood ,some are replicas of originals and all of them are unique!!!!! This year I bought only one but plan on buying some at the after xmas sales!!!!! I have a few last minute items to get to be ready for the holiday!!!!! Before I brave the cold,I need my morning coffee to get me going!!!!!!Here are some Santas in different parts of the living room.


Jennifer said...

These are lovely! There is just something about Santa Claus that I love about Christmas. He sort of represents the magic of the season, don't you think? I hope your family is having a lovely holiday season, Merry Christmas to you!

goddessof4 said...

Thank you!!!!! I do believe in magic!!!!!!! Blessings ,Sara