Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bath tub update

On our days off this week we worked on re-enforcing some support beams we discovered were cut through by previous owners.It was an ordeal to re-support.Our house is in a sad state right now with the saw dust and mess!!!! My husband woke up with a sore neck after doing all the re-supporting and had to go see our doctor .He couldn't move his head and was in a lot of pain After wearing an anti-imflamatory patch and alot of pain killers he went to work .I am working on cleaning the house and making it presentable since we have clients that come to our house.I am hoping we can start tiling this weekend.We did get the sub foor down.I am also trying to decorate the house for xmas!!!! I wasn't going to put up much of anything this year but because we have two younger kids I decided to start decorating. Hopefully they will stay dust free!!!!!


Kim said...

I feel for you! I hope Hubby's neck heals quickly and the rest of the project goes smoothly!

We are in in the process of tearing out our tiny downstairs bathroom floor to tile in there...and of course I impulsively volunteered to host the next Girls' Night (from work) next Wednesday...that means finishing the floor AND decorating for Christmas this weekend, so the place is ready for the potluck on Wednesday!!!

Can't wait to see your "After" pictures!

goddessof4 said...

Thanks!!!Sounds like you guys have your hands full too!!!!!