Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Monday, December 7, 2009

Birthday party and tiling the floor!!!

It was a typical birthday party at our house!!! My son turned twelve the day after Thanksgiving but we had his party yesterday.(He was actually born on Thanksgiving Day !!!) My husband decided he would finish up on our bathroom project during the party.It involved laying down the dura rock and he decided we NEEDED the clawfoot tub in the bathroom so he could cut the hole in the floor for the drain pipe.My oldest son was here for the day . Hubby had him call a friend to help w/ the tub.My husband was getting impatient waiting for the guy to show up so he was figuring out a way for me ,my neighbor,my dad (who is 70+ and him to lift this thing.It is super heavy so I was not happy about it.Luckily my sons friend showed up to take my place !!!!!! All went well,it took 5 people to lift this tub upstairs and turn the thing into our bathroom. About two years ago the night before we had a birthday party for my youngest,we tore out our kitchen wall.It was just exposed beams when guests arrived.(That year I had to clean all the plaster during the night so our house would look decent!!!! It has been a theme to have some major renovation going on during a party!!!!Sometimes our guests help out too!!!!!! After the party I tiled the floor where the claw foot will go.Today we will tile a few rows that we need on the wall.I will take some photos later today!!!!!


Kim said...

You guys sound like me!!! I tend to be a bit impulsive like that! Can't wait to see the photos!

goddessof4 said...

The bathroom is a mess!!!I managed to take a few during the demolition of a glass block wall. I will upload some today!!!!