Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Finishing touches!!!!!

I have been working on finishing some last details from the projects we took on this year.Mostly the kitchen,my hubby added the tin to the side of the copper sink that is exposed and I painted the cabinet edges that showed.The last thing to do is add more tin to the top section where the faucet is.It looks so much better!!!! Also I started a photo project I blogged about in April 2008.Hard to believe I never did it(I did start enlarging the photos but never actually hung them).I finally put up sepia photos that I enlarged on our stairway!!! The xmas photos of the boys inspired me!!!! I am now on a mission to find cool frames.Life sometimes gets in our way of the things we want to do, but I do feel inspired knowing they get done eventually!!!! Tonight we are having a small little New Years Eve party with our younger boys!!! We are cooking sea food and having a bunch of snacks ,very low key but plan on having fun!!! Hope everyone has a Happy New Year!!!!!

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Kim said...

It does feel good to complete a project, huh?! I keep starting them, of my resolutions is to finish something before starting something new!

The photos on the stairwell look great! We have some posters we want to frame and hang on ours...perhaps this spring...

Happy New Year!