Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Photo wall

I know I have posted our photo wall before but we have been adding and adding to it!!! LOL. I love sepia toned photos so most of the photos are sepia tone and a few I have in black and white. I also love the look of using different frames.I also mix gold and silver. I have eclectic taste so I don't mind the mix and match look,lol!!!!! I also love photos ,the problem I have is that our house isn't bigger to display( I am running out of walls). I have been rotating photos around the house to change things up but the photo wall will remain.I love walking up the stairs ( a million times a day) and seeing my memories of my kids and husband and now grand baby!!! It really makes our house feel like a home!!!!! I
also found a cool app that makes collages for you and you can add decorations to your photos called PhotoWonder for the iPhone. Love it!!!! Here are photos of some of the collages and the photo wall. Have a great day!!!!


Jennifer said...

I LOVEEE the look of filled up walls. Why leave them bare? They're like a canvas for displaying your beautiful, sentimental things. I love how you've displayed yours. Beautiful, ornate frames. Magical. When I was younger I wanted to fill my walls with painted portraits like in Hogwarts castle. Let's be honest, I still want to do that.

goddessof4 said...

Yes, that would be cool!!!!! I love antique portraits!!!!! I love the look of castles with portraits!!!!! One day...... Blessings,Sara