Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Friday, February 24, 2012

Antique dresser

This antique dresser has always been a "bathroom dresser" . It is from my hubby's grandmother Beulah's house. It is almost twilight zonish how similar our houses are. They are located in two different states but are about the same age.Grandma sold her home around the time we bought ours.She always had this dresser in the main bathroom on the second floor,although we have had the dresser in different rooms thru out the years it is back in the bathroom!!!! I decided to stain the top of the dresser to help bring it back to its former beauty. I lightly sanded and painted two coats of a walnut stain and after it was dry used a satin sealer. I didn't touch the rest of the dresser but I cleaned it up with oil for wood .I really love how it turned out!!!! Here are photos after I stained it . A while ago I changed the hardware to glass pulls from hobby Lobby. I love how they look and I also made a little curtain.

This this the dresser that I added the venetian mirror on my last post. I really love how the bathroom looks!!!! I am linked to

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Jennifer said...

Oh that is so sweet. I love when people put furniture in their bathrooms. I suppose it's because we don't actually have any furniture in ours, so I think bathrooms just come as they are and you can't add to them. And then I look at this, and at different decorating books and such, and you so totally can make a bathroom just as beautiful and unique as any other room. I love this :)