Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Venetian Mirror

When we installed our mirrored sink last April ,we had planned to install a different mirror than the mirror that was already in the bathroom. My vision was to have a venetian mirror. Of course they are super expensive!!!! I found a version of a vintage venetian mirror. I have had this mirror in the box under my bed for a year waiting for the day we would hang it. We decided to keep the original mirror in the bathroom but I thought we could put my new mirror on the opposite wall.So yesterday we tried to hang it and we decided to just use it as a dresser mirror.This mirror could be hung or folded to stand on a dresser. I love how it looks!!!!! I can't believe that I had that beauty in a box under my bed for over a year!!! Here it is in my bathroom on top of an antique dresser that I just refinished .


Jennifer said...

THIS is beautiful. Seriously, your taste is so impeccable. It looks extremely formal, in a good way, and as though you stepped into a different time looking into it. Through the looking glass... hee hee.

goddessof4 said...