Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Vintage baby shower part 2

I posted some photos yesterday and now I have more to post!!!!!! We had a blast playing a few games with the guests and we tried to be creative since this was a coed shower!!!!! Our first game was literally an ice breaker!!!! We placed little babies in dixie cups(we put water to cover babies and froze them ahead of time) and who evers baby melted first was the winner.It is called the water bag game.It really made people laugh so it was a good start to the party!!!!! Here are more photos.

I don't know how to edit the possessed look in my eye in the photo!!!! LOL .I think it was someone else flash reflected in my eye. The details of my outfit: Blue ruffled dress .I found on clearance at Marshalls for $7.(score) it was past knee length in the front and had a longer train in the back. The beaded sweater was mine and I found it cleaning my kids drawers last week.I think I haven't seen it in at least a year or longer.It matched the dress perfectly!!!!! I bought the headband at Khols .It had a retro look to it( it had a little netting attached) and I also found a leather feathered cuff bracelet there. I also wore black patent leather high heeled boots that I previously had.Probably one of my least expensive dresses that I have ever bought but that looked and felt high end.


Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh is that Pop Shop pop? I love that stuff! I didn't know they had it in the states! You looked so pretty! That dress is really beautiful. Paloma looks beautiful and glowing!

goddessof4 said...

I just found the soda!!!! I have never seen it here before but loved the bottle. Paloma was glowing and smiling the whole day!!!! We really had a long party so it wasn't easy to keep the smile going but we had so much fun!!!!!