Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The count down

In ten days we are having the baby shower!!!!! It is going by so fast.I have been busy dusting,rearranging,touch up painting,etc.Just when I think I am done I notice I need to dust again(where does it come from?) Last night my daughter,her friend,and her future mother-in -law came over to help me put together the party favors for the shower.It still seems like I have a million little details left to do.Like everyone else in America we are on a tight budget so I have to be creative where the items I am buying come from. I have been lucky to score some cool items for good prices. Also on my list is buying a dress for me.That could be fun but so far all I have found is on line.I am just worried about ordering and not receiving in time. I am going to try and convince my hubby to go with me to this mall in a different town.I might be able to convince(bribe) him to take me since there is a "Five Guys" hamburger place in the shopping center!!!!! It is his favorite.So today I will be doing more cleaning,laundry and praying I find something cute to wear!!!!!

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Jennifer said...

This is such an exciting time! I do hope you have luck in finding the perfect dress. But you will look beautiful no matter what you end up wearing :)