Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Friday, February 10, 2012

So Happy!!!!

Yesterday I was determined to find my living room paint!!! I had looked all over the house last week for it and even went into the garage and it was not there.The living room desperately needed touch ups!!!! Since we are having the baby shower here at the house all the things I haven't done such as touch ups are now a priority. I was so happy to finally find the gallon in the basement( I asked my angels to help me find it). It was in a spot I hadn't looked and for some reason(wink)

I looked in a corner and there it was!!!! I touched up the living room and now I am going to do the kitchen and dining room today. Last weekend we started putting up the tin ceiling in a spot that we took it down to change out the plumbing in the bathroom above. It has been down for over a year!!! I will be so happy when the ceiling is finally put back up.We had to buy a new suspended ceiling attachment and I was so happy we only spent around $6 for two pieces and I had to buy silver spray paint since it only comes in white. So the ceiling project was under $15. Here are photos of the start of putting up the missing tin ceiling toes. This is my favorite renovation project we have done to this house. I always loved the tin ceiling in old houses and stores and it was a dream come true to have a real tin ceiling in our house!!!!


Jennifer said...

That has got to be the coolest ceiling I have ever seen. How on earth was it so inexpensive?! It looks amazing, and gypsy-like!

goddessof4 said...

Hi Jennifer,lucky for us the hanging system is pretty cheap but the actual tiles are not. I really would love more tin ceiling rooms in our home.They are my absolute favorite!!!!!! My dressing room has the faux tin tiles so maybe one day we will put in real ones.Oh yeah, I really really want some in the main bathroom,lol!!!!