Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring cleaning

It has been unusually warm here in Wisconsin the past week!!!! I just did a post on my leopard coat find(score) but now it is too warm to wear.It's ok I will have it in fall!!!!! Although our weather changes fast so it could become cold again next week, one never knows. I have been starting my spring cleaning routine.Basically I am getting rid of clutter,washing everything,and starting to do yard work.Last year we did a lot outside with the painting of the house and garage. We put up our fence and driveway gate(love it).I planted tulip bulbs in the fall along the driveway gate and am happy to see they are actually starting to come up.I thought the squirrels dug them up in the fall but luckily some survived. I have a lot of plans for projects coming up for the outside.We still have one last section of the fence to replace.I can't wait for that!!!!! I don't like seeing the neighbors behind our house and it will give us privacy, I plan on staining the driveway gate in the front and the fence in the front section.It will look more finished and match the house. I also am excited o plant more flowers.Because of our unusual weather I may actually plant flowers early this year!!!! Today it is rainy and gloomy outside so I will concentrate on the spring cleaning inside,washing windows ,cleaning floors ,fluffing the nest!!!!!


Jennifer said...

Can I ever relate on the weather front! It was like 85 here last week. Tonight? 0. Literally. Ridiculous I know. Maybe it will be like that your way as well? I hope not for your sake! All our trees are going to die of freezing!

goddessof4 said...

I planted tulips for the first time and they have started coming up so I hope it stays nice out!!!!!