Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

More painting!!!!

I have been painting ,painting and more painting!!!! I came back from vacation ready to start on the house again.I repainted a hallway ,a stairway ,the space between the stairs,and also a ceiling in the living room.The hallway I painted the a color similiar to what was there.The previous owner had painted it and I liked it so kept it.(Also I do not know how they reached the stairway wall at the highest point-would have to hire someone to repaint!!!)I darkened the color between the steps on the stairs.(In the summer I will re-stain the actual steps)I painted the ceiling in the living room.I also glazed the ceiling with a gold glaze,.all I have left to paint is the white molding.I think I will attempt it tomorrow though.I saw a Murano glass chandelier and I think I am going to buy it for the Living room.That and a new couch and I should be done with another room.


Sandy said...

I love that lamp by the window. So pretty.

p.s. North Carolina sounds pretty good right about now! LOL

goddessof4 said...

Thanks ,I have had that lamp about 8 years .It used to be in my dressing room but I am slowly clearing it out to make way for the new bathroom(whenever we get around to starting that!!!!) I am sure after the house is done we will have to move(Murphy's law)!!!North Carolina would be GREAT!!!!!