Trent and Julian

Trent and Julian

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Old Passions

In this world of blogging I have found hidden passions being revived.I am amazed at some of the blogs that I have been fortunate to find and read .My journey started with looking at old house blogs.I have had a love of old house renovation since I was a young girl.It started when I watched "This old house" with my mother.Also,she loved to go to open houses and check out the house even though we were not in the market to buy.
It is funny how I grew to love architecture .As teenager my passion turned to fashion.I started modeling and then "knew" I wanted to become a fashion designer.All my teachers encouraged me to go to school for fashion design. I did go to design school.My life changed when I had my first son at 19 yrs old.Being a young mom and trying to buy my materials was getting to be impossible but I kept on going .I had a daughter when I turned 21 and still was in school.When my daughter was 3 I had an idea to go to cosmetology school and then I could work to buy the supplies I needed for design school.I ended up staying in the hair business because I worked at some of the top salons in Chicago.I trained at Vidal Sassoon and I met my husband there.So I know
the "switch" to hair was meant to be.Through the world of blogging I am seeing all these really talented design blogs and it is awakening my old desire to create some clothing.I hope I have time to sew again. I will start small,now I have 4 kids so time is very limited!!!!! I know one day life will slow down and I can concentrate on "me" again.


Kristy said...

Thanks for adding me to your favourites! I have just enjoyed a fair few minute browsing your lovely blog,flickr and links!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Blogging is a great way to spur creative thinking and get you on the path where you want to be. I will look forward to seeing how your path evolves:-)